Modern Infrastructure as Code with Ansible


Streamline your infrastructure management by using Ansible to describe your server configuration and deployments. Learn how to treat manage your infrastructure as code to increase configuration reliability and scalability.

Talk Description

Join us as we dive into Ansible, the server management tool designed to help developers keep servers configured properly and running smoothly. We’ll cover the basics and dive into some in-depth configuration options so you can stop treating your servers like pets: which you constantly have to feed and water. Join us as we learn how to turn those pets into cattle in your server farm and turn your infrastructure into code!

Ansible is an agentless server configuration manager which performs tasks over an SSH connection. There is nothing to install on your systems. We’ll cover examples of how to leverage Ansible modules to add users, configure services, setup configuration files, and deploy code to remote systems. Instead of manually performing these tasks, join us as we learn how to write Ansible playbooks to accomplish these tasks and turn our infrastructure into infrastructure as code!

Topic Outline:

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