Machine Learning for Everyone


Machine learning (ML) is becoming an essential technology for our day to day life. Stop taking ML as a threat and learn it today as not learning it is a HUGE LOSS! Get started today with ML in Aaron's remarkable 40 minutes talk. We will start by talking about the paradigm of ML, then take a deep dive into Neural Networks and build a Neural Network from scratch with just NumPy and no frameworks! Finally, we will finish off by talking about Reinforcement learning and how it is empowering YouTube suggestions along with tips-and-tricks from a specialist plus a grand finale mind-blowing demo. Ready to master the paradigm of ML? Let's get started. Don't forget to check out Aaron's website: and his Twitter: @aaronhma.

Talk Description

Without machine learning (ML), our world would be in chaos. Demand for ML engineers have skyrocketed, but not enough engineers to fill that demand. However, do not worry, in Aaron’s remarkable 40 minutes talk, he will talk about the paradigm of ML, and TensorFlow 2.0 along with a House Price Prediction Project! Finally, we will finish off with a touch of magic on Reinforcement learning and tips-and-tricks from a specialist along with a special mind-blowing grand finale. Stop taking ML as a threat and help work on the ML revolution and master the paradigm of ML today! Let’s get started.

Don’t forget to check out Aaron’s website: and his Twitter:

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