Introduction To MicroPython


If you’ve ever wanted to get down to the bare metal your code is running on, come learn about the wonders of MicroPython, an implementation of CPython that makes embedded device development accessible to anyone with basic Python knowledge. Your next hobby project starts here!

Talk Description

Most of us have a general idea of where our deployed code is running - either a physical server nearby, or more likely, a server farm we’ve never visited. What if there was a way to take Python to the lowest level? We expect to be able to do this easily with certain programming languages, like C/C++, but the fact that we can do it in Python is both fun and surprising - Python is known for its backend server and data processing abilities, and conveniently abstracts out much of the low-level hardware design knowledge.

Enter MicroPython, an implementation of Python 3 designed to run on microcontrollers, and the perfect tool for hobbyists and beginners looking to dig into the world of embedded systems

In this talk we’ll cover:

About the Talk