Intersecting Python, code and art


This talk is about the many ways art and code, specifically Python code, can come together. People can learn from this talk how they can experiment with being artistically creative while they do code-y things.

Talk Description

From live-coding to Raspberry Pis, people have come up with so many ways to bring the worlds of art and code together. There is a somewhat common belief that coding is only a logical and analytical process. However, I think that programming is an inherently creative process! After all, when you make code, you are literally creating something new. (Or altering it to make it better if you’re dealing with legacy code.) So that means you have an excuse to try whatever creative thing you might be vaguely interested in, whether that’s making art code or just plain old art.

Audience members will learn about different programs that can be used to make art including:

We’ll dive into the applications and uses of these programs, and how you can get started with them. I’ll also talk about live-coding, making with Raspberry Pis and tech zine making, things that aren’t exclusively done with Python and can be used with other languages.

There are many ways to combine art and coding. I hope that if you get one thing out of this talk, it’s knowing that if you want to create something, there are lots of fun ways to explore that!

About the Talk

About the Author

Sabrina is a self-taught developer building her career and exploring the wonderful world of tech. Among other things, she's passionate about finding ways to combine art and code. Her projects include a zine idea generator in Python and a zine called "How To Survive Your First Conference (And Have Fun)".