Don't Panic: Navigating SEP fields for Software Teams


A SEP field is also known as a "Somebody else's problem field", an idea described in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series. The idea is that humans will ignore things when they are convinced that it isn't their problem. This talk goes into the intersections of software and SEPs.

Talk Description

Of all the strange things in the galaxy, the SEP Field might be the strangest. A Somebody Else’s Problem field renders something not invisible, but unnoticed. An SEP field relies on people’s natural disposition not to see anything they don’t want to, weren’t expecting, or can’t explain.

Where might SEP fields be in your software? Where are they in your teams? What intergalactic threat is waiting for you, out in the open but entirely ignored?

First, don’t panic. Second, make sure you have your towel. Third, forgive the speaker for her Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy jokes. Finally, confront the problems in front of you. All 42 of them.

About the Talk