Build Your Own Slackbot and Learn Decorators!


Building your own Slackbot could be as easy as learning decorators. Let me show you how!

Talk Description

Recently, I set out to build a chat bot for the Penny University slack channel but after looking at the available bot frameworks, we just couldn’t find anything that was the right fit. So I time-boxed myself and said “if I can build a half-way decent bot framework in 1 night, then I’ll just hand roll the darn thing and use my framework to build a chat bot from scratch”. And after an evening of lively hackery I had learned quite a bit about Python decorators and sure enough, I had built a bot framework. And indeed it was a half-way decent bot framework, no less and no more. It didn’t have all the bells and whistles of other frameworks, but it was light weight and it was clever and fun!

Come listen to my presentation and you’ll learn a little about chat bots, a lot about python decorators, and a little about my pet project, Penny University.

About the Talk