PyTennessee 2020 Menu

Food is provided to all attendees of the conference. We will serve breakfast and lunch both days, as well as dinner during the Game Night. Breakfast is served from 8am until the conference starts each day at 9am. Lunch service starts around 11:45am and ends at approximately 1:15pm.

If you can’t make the times above and need us to save you some food, please let a volunteer know and we will prepare a plate and set it aside for you.

Note: As many dietary restrictions/preferences that can be accommodated will be accommodated once we have more information from attendees. Those menus will be posted here when we have them.

Saturday (2020-03-07)


Note: everything is vegetarian except the bacon and sausage.


Afternoon Snack

The afternoon snack is always a surprise, but check the lobby at the venue around 3pm for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.


Note: Everything is vegetarian except the meat.

Sunday (2020-03-08)